Sniper scope

Member Don Leone is using a Theta Optics 4-9x50 AOEG (THO-10-007864) which has a red/green cross lighting, mil-dot type cross, adjustable zoom, clamps for standard 22mm RIS rail, 50mm aperture. Weight is 625 grams, length is 32 cm.


Mil-Dot scope reticle

With the Mil-Dot reticle in the scope you are able to measure the distance to the object (target) by a simple formula:
Object height x 1000 divided by mils = distance to object
Like the example in the picture we assume a person is 180cm in height and you measure 2.5 mils, the distance is 1.8 x 1000 / 2.5 = 720 meters.
Press button below to learn more about using mil-dots and watch some video footage about mil-dots and MOA.

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