“Dutchy”, a limited edition of the ICS CXP UK1 Captain MTR by ACS, assault rifle.
A perfect CQB rifle.
Both founders are considering to buy this rifle end of january 2017.


Overall Length: 617mm.
Inner barrel length: 186mm.
Weight: 2840g.
Caliber: 6mm bb (0.20g or heavier high grade bbs recommended).
Magazine: TMAG 300bb's.
Velocity: 300 FPS.
Manufacturer: ICS, Taiwan.
V2 EBB Split gearbox.
Turbo 3000 motor.
One piece metal hop up and steel bushing.
ICS Electronic Blow Back system.
Full Modular Keymod rail system.
Package Includes: Rifle, hop-up and manual.


Not purchased yet.

Future extras:
- Extra mag(s).
- Magnifier and red dot.
- Flashlight.
- Sportcam mount.


How does this rifle work in the field?
During a test at ACS in Lelystad, member Don Leone had a change to do some test shooting and it worked great. Brute force and a suprising great sound.